Apfelwein (Apple Wine)

This is a very simple thing to make that is also delicious.

I am brewing several specialty batches for all my friends coming up for Snowball Music Festival in early March. Tonight I started the apfelwein.


- 5 gallon fermenter

- 5 gallons of apple juice with no preservatives, with the exception of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C). I used Tree Top, it is only pasteurized.

- A packet of chardonnay/wine yeast of your preference. I used an acid reducing yeast that ferments slightly fruity.

- 1-2 lbs sugar depending on how strong you want it. Naturally apple juice will ferment to about 6.5%. Corn sugar(dextrose) or white sugar(sucrose) works just fine.

- A funnel is helpful


I boiled 1 gallon of juice and added my 1.5 lbs of sugar to it for sanitation. This is my first apple wine but from what I have read boiling the juice will cause a haze from pectin proteins from the cell walls, this is purely cosmetic and I don’t mind it personally. You can add a pectic enzyme if you want to boil and prevent the haze. Plenty of people just throw the sugar into a half empty juice container and shake it up and then throw it in the fermenter. Alright sorry I am making this harder than it is, back to the easy stuff. Put 4 gallons in the fermenter and pitch your yeast. Put the last gallon in and let it rip for a month, no need to transfer to a secondary vessel. Carbonate by bottle conditioning or force carbonation in a 5 gallon keg. Enjoy!

I think the yeast I used is going to leave more residual sugars that I want, I remember very dry apple wine in Germany, but I’m sure my friends at snowball will enjoy it! If you do make a dry batch you can always add a splash of 7up or sprite to sweeten it up.

Here is where I got most of my info. http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f32/adding-cinnamon-sticks-hard-cider-275045/